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Symbiosis initiatives to combat hate speech and foster inclusivity in Greece 

As part of the Butterfly Effect project, Symbiosis undertook a series of initiatives in November and December 2023, including a focus group and two participatory youth meetings with the aim of promoting dialogue, raising awareness among young people and addressing hate speech. These initiatives not only addressed the complexity of hate speech, but also promoted inclusiveness, creating a lasting impact on the broader landscape of social attitudes and behaviors.

The parents’ focus group took place in Heraklion, Crete: the aim was to address the causes of hate speech by promoting inclusiveness, understanding different perspectives and formulating effective strategies to counter the impact.

A participatory meeting between young people took place at Diavata prison Second Chance School involving 49 people aged between 18 and 30. This initiative delved into the complexities of hate speech, providing participants with new ideas to encourage social engagement not only during their time in prison but also upon reintegration into society.

Furthermore, a participatory meeting of young people took place on 18 December, at the headquarters of the Actionaid Youth Center in Thessaloniki and in collaboration with Thessaloniki Pride. The event brought together young people from a range of organizations in the city of Thessaloniki and explored different manifestations of hate speech, examined the blurred lines between freedom of speech and hate speech and highlighted the need to promote positive messages and alternative narratives.

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