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Workshop for students in Florence with a discussion about the film “Io capitano”

On the 20th of December 2023 in Florence a workshop for young people was held by COSPE at the Cinema Stensen with 40 students from the Saffi high school.

The film “Io Capitano”, directed by Matteo Garrone, was projected to reflect on the stories of migrants’ African routes to Europe. Then the students had the opportunity to listen directly to the testimony of a boy, former beneficiary of a reception center for migrants, who told his journey from his country of origin and shared his difficulties, hopes and dreams.

During the meeting, the issues of xenophobia, visa access, passports, immigration regulations were addressed.

An interactive activity was carried out together with the teachers, taken from the fifth chapter of the podcast “History of my name” by the writer and activist Sabrina Efionayi, which stimulated a discussion concerning human rights and the white privilege in today’s society. The students participated with interest, asking questions and sharing reflections related to the topics. 
The aim of the meeting was to reflect and sensitize on migration, through the vision of a film and a real voice of a young migrant and also deconstruct our received ideas and visions regarding the “strangers” to prevent racial hatred.    

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